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"I am grateful to Rafa for the mindful space and the time he gave me for my process."

Soul Portraits

Individuals - Groups - Events

Foto in deiner wahren heiligen Kraft un Grösse

Through the lens I capture the magic, the elemental force, the light, the essence, the soul energy and release it. The images are created spontaneously, in the flow and intuitively in connection with the person, the ritual, the energy of the moment.


Ritual Soul Portraits (individual/group)

Together we create a ritual to show you in your full power, your greatness, your light, your potential, your holiness (wholeness). The focus is on the soul connection with you, nature, the place, the big picture. The fact that you are being photographed and what that looks like comes naturally. The photos are taken as if by chance and authentically capture the magic of the moment. Because you and your BEING stand, sit and fly at the centre. In a photo shoot, you are invited to be completely yourself and show yourself authentically with everything that is. When you show yourself unfiltered and are lovingly seen with an open heart, emotions or themes can come to the surface. Of course, I will also accompany you in this. Everything can have its place.


According to your wishes, I will photograph you in sacred moments at rituals, ceremonies, concerts, workshops, etc.

Do you want to take magical pictures? Then please get in touch with me.

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