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"The healing session with Rafa was a deeply touching experience for me. I was overwhelmed by the clarity with which he saw images that had something to do with my story without him knowing it. I felt lovingly and mindfully accompanied and held. The individual session allowed me to connect with an old wound and integrate it into my system in a healing way. I see in Rafa a wonderful, gentle, sensitive and present healer."

Rahel, Switzerland

"Thanks to Rafa's loving and humble nature, I was already able to open up and trust deeply during the conversation. Afterwards he led me into a depth that I had forgotten existed. I was at the source of all being. That was pure healing."

Jasmin, Switzerland

"I have experienced healing and deeply transformative healing sessions with Rafa that have activated new resources in me. Although we only had a short time for the first session, my heart felt so luminously open and sparkling afterwards - I was changed. In further sessions the feeling was able to consolidate within me. During the last session I could dive so deeply into myself, already existing and experienced initiations and healing activations became visible, experienceable and tangible for me once again. It was so deeply healing and connecting that I can go back to it at any time. It feels like this safe space under the surface where I can no longer be hurt. Embedded in my everyday life with all the ups and downs it feels like a golden thread."

Veronika, Switzerland (online)

"Rafael sensitively let me trace the drought in my inner garden and together we found ways to re-seed it and make it blossom. I am grateful to him for the mindful space and for the time he gave me for the process."

Mirka, Switzerland

"Throughout the session I knew Rafael was there. Even when I reached my limits emotionally in my dark basement, it gave me support. He just picked me up where I was. Empathically and without excessive pity."

Hannes, Germany

"Rafa has a great appreciative aura. I was able to totally let go and learned new tools to better manage my boundaries.

Niklas, Germany

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