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"Rafa led me into a depth that I had forgotten existed. I was at the source of all existence. That was pure healing."

Energy Healing Arts

Inside - In Nature - Online

Energieheilung mit den Händen

In my individual sessions, I invite you into a safe space where you can let go, be yourself and show yourself with everything that is. This allows clarity and healing to occur on a physical, energetic and spiritual level. The energy healing spaces are created intuitively through conversations, conscious touch, movement, voice, breath, bodywork, systemic constellations, shadow work, ancestor work, inner journeys or the integration of the medicine wheel. I am a channel and allow the great mystery (some say e.g. great spirit, great love, world soul or God) to work through me. I intuitively pass on the impulses I receive and instinctively invite you to follow your own impulses, images and feelings.

The healing sessions can take place in my therapy room, in nature or online - for individuals or couples, adults or children.

Do you feel the calling to explore inner and outer spaces with me? I look forward to receiving your request for a free info-conversation.

My approaches

CONNECTED As a healer, I am an instrument and not separate from the great mystery or from you. You and I meet at eye level and walk the path of healing together, connected to our respective sources.

SELF-EMPOWERED It is important to me that you come into your own power, so that you can walk your personal path of healing independently and self-empowered.

SOLUTION-ORIENTED Together we see a challenge (pain, illness, difficult feeling, relationship, etc.), recognise it, find out why it is there and then focus on the solution without giving the problem too much power. Instead, we stay in the present and in the possible future. We focus our attention on the qualities of a healthy body & mind with a focus on resources, competences and potentials.

WHOLISTIC Everything is interconnected and I take a systemic and holistic view of health. Both the origins of illness and the sources of health can be found on a physical, energetic or spiritual level within us or in our environment.

RESOURCE- & COMPETENCE-ORIENTATED In a healing session with me, you are invited to remember the resources you have inside or outside yourself and to feel self-effective with your strengths and competences. Everything is possible!

When can an energy healing session help?

  • In case of acute or chronic psychological or physical complaints, also as support for medical treatment (a visit to me does not replace a visit to a doctor/therapist).

  • In challenging life situations, before making big decisions, in cases of addiction or anxiety, after traumatic experiences, in contact with challenging energies, places or similar.

  • In case of relationship issues, whether with partners, parents, children, ancestral stories, or otherwise with other people at work, at home, etc. and also generally for issues of clear communication, e.g. communicating needs or setting boundaries.

  • In case of feelings of loss, insecurity, as support for difficult decisions or when you don't know what to do next in life, as a coaching session to find perspectives (passions, visions, strengths, potentials, heart's path).

  • In case of suppressed, unlived feelings from the present or the past and for unhealthy beliefs.

  • If you are interested in discovering your own healing gifts and wish to connect with yourself, with nature, with the great mystery.

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