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You don't live near Bern and would rather see someone live than online. This network of healers in Switzerland and abroad should help you. I can warmly recommend all of them.



Andrea Kippe, Wängi - Thurgau

I support you in your soul care process to clarify life issues and gain resilience. I lead ceremonies in a protected setting indoors and outdoors and share the peacemaker story and the Fire of Life Courage.



Kristin Walther, Feucht - Bayern

In a shared conversation and in the session I support you in finding and taking the right path to healing for you. I make myself available as a channel for healing energy and information and accompany you into healing spaces. If this appeals to you, I look forward to hearing from you!



Alexandra Haaji, St. Jakob im Rosental - Kärnten

I am a healing companion. My basic attitude is to live connected in and with all beings. Healing with nature is close-to-nature and native knowledge with which I accompany you into your self-healing powers and support you in redefining traumas and patterns and in coping with everyday life in a resilient way. 

My work is down-to-earth and process-oriented. I combine science with native traditional techniques and shamanism.



Guilherme Alves, Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo

Guilherme Alves is an integrative music therapist. In his practice, he incorporates elements of various Ayurvedic and yoga trainings acquired over the last 15 years and develops personalised self-development protocols for individuals and groups. As a body therapist and health researcher, he brings his transdisciplinary vision to cultural and social projects of an educational, artistic and socio-emotional nature. Guilherme is regularly on the road in Switzerland and Europe.

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