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"Rafa has a great, appreciative charisma. I was able to let go completely and learnt new tools to better manage my boundaries."


Body - Haka - Breath

Haka Workshop schamanische Trommel

EmotionPowerDance is inspired by the power and connectedness of the New Zealand Haka of the Maori. In this workshop we connect with ourselves, with the group, with the place and with our roots (place of origin, ancestors). We are allowed to feel our deepest emotions and express them free from social conventions. This can help us to come even closer to ourselves and to feel the connectedness and stillness within us. By expressing our emotions, we can connect with an unimagined source of energy and strength.

In my workshops, a space is created in which we can come into deeper contact with ourselves and with others. This is achieved by expressing emotions, processes and feelings - inner and outer - alone, with a partner or in a group through the body, voice, breath and silence.

Team events or similar (e.g. specific Haka workshops) are possible on request. We are happy to cater for special requests.

Feel like doing a workshop with a group? Enquiries are welcome.

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