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I invite you to feel deep inside yourself:

Do you feel the longing to be in connection with your silent core and your untamed primal force and to live your true self?

My gift is to see the radiant light within you and bring out your full potential.

I am happy to accompany you on your own personal path of healing to the place where you are invulnerable and at the same time connected to everything.

Schamanisches Gebet an einem Naturritual

About me

I am an intuitive healer with a big heart who sees the potential in every being. I believe that light and love flows through everything and that we can consciously connect to it at any time (also if sometimes this feels difficult). In my offerings I like to explore physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions, emphasising that you can embody your experiences so that they can be experienced in the here and now.

You can find more information about me, Raum für Klarheit (Space for Clarity) and my trainings by clicking here:


Do you need space to explore who you want to be, who you can be and who you already are in your pure essence? In my healing sessions, you can be completely yourself and show yourself as you are right now - with all your feelings, emotions, blockages, challenges, dreams and questions. Together we will walk your personal path to more clarity: clarity within you, clarity through you and clarity around you.

What do you get out of it?

  • Feelings may be felt and expressed as emotions.

  • Thoughts may be ordered and aligned.

  • Visions and passions are allowed to show themselves.

  • Beliefs may be recognised and transformed.

  • Strengths and weaknesses, light and shadow may be seen and accepted.

  • Your potentials are allowed to show themselves.

  • Healing can happen where healing is needed.

  • Everyone is welcome just as they are.


I work intuitively and leave space for everything that wants to show itself. My offers are based on my training in shamanic energy healing, systemic bodywork and alchemical breathwork, among other things.


In the interview with my teacher, medicine man Darrel Combs, you can find out more about shamanic energy healing work and what goes into my services:

You can find my offers in the menu above or further down:

"The healing session with Rafa was a deeply moving experience for me. I was overwhelmed by the clarity with which he saw images that had something to do with my story without him knowing it."

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